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Some random pix:

Retouched versions:

Up to Boy Vol.185 (June 2008)

mina No.10 (May 2008)

[] Nagasawa Masami(長澤まさみ)

More old pix:

Cool No.7 (2007/07)

Random pix:

Random screencaps:

Random pix:

B.L.T. No.11

Smart No.01 (2008)

B.L.T. (February 2009)

B.L.T. (October 2006)

B.L.T. (May 2008)


Masami pimpin' Lotte Ghana chocolate

Smart (February 2009)

Whoa..... :drool: :wub:

Smart (March 2009)

The Last Princess promo

B.L.T. (May 2009)

Gekkan The High Vision (2009/04/28)

Flix Vol.1 (2009)

Filt No.39 (June-July 2009)

OH I know this it's from the best swimmer award last Thursday^^ they won it cuz of her movie ROUGH with co winner hayami mokomichi

hers more pic

Anybody know where this screencap is from?





I watched The Last Princess today and I enjoyed it a lot. Masami's performance was pretty impressive :thumbsup


Mina No.21 (2007/11/05)

nihon movie navi vol18

opening ceremony of 22th Tokyo international film festival opening last Saturday 10/17/09

her movie entry is MAGARE SPOON

Waaaahhh!!!! I've been a Masami fan for quite some time now. She was my favourite idol, before discovering Rika-chan of course  :heart: Masami is gorgeous. She tops polls all the time - she's regarded as the perfect 'wife-to-be.'

Definitely, her best performance yet (for me anyway), is as Rei in Proposal Daisakusen. Which happens to be my favourite drama ever <3 ... her and Yamapi, who are known as YaMasami - I obsessed over this couple until recently when Yamapi was spotted with another girl (concrete evidence) and to heal my broken heart, I scoured the net with videos, found Rika, which then led me to IshiYoshi. Hehheee...

Anyways, here are some of my fav pics of Masami, that I don't think I've seen in this thread yet:::

And another three, which have been edited by me. Just colored it with textures and gave her a bit more makeup xD:

Nagasawa Masami and a starry sky made of LEDs
Actress Nagasawa Masami had the honor to light the Christmas illuminations in Tokyo Midtown on Thursday. She triggered over 70,000 LEDs to light up at the same time with only a single sign. The blue lights looked like a starry sky and even go along with the theme of her current movie "Magare! Spoon". Moved by the lights, she commented, "Amazing, beautiful. I never experience something like that." Nagasawa also revealed one of her Christmas memories. "When I was a child I received a Rika-chan doll and I ended up collecting a whole doll family including some relatives." She said with a smile on her face.

At the event they also revealed a special "Spoon Bench" to advertise the movie and Nagasawa took the opportunity to sign inside the gigantic spoon. The bench will stay there until December 25 while the movie is already going to open on the 21st this month.

Nagasawa Masami’s new calendar

On Saturday was a special event to celebrate the release of Nagasawa Masami's (22) new calendar "Nagasawa Koyomi". The calendar starts with April and contains a total of 96 pages.

Nagasawa appeared in a light outfit with shorts to promote the calendar. Creative director Yanai Michihiko took the pictures and designed the whole calendar organized in daily, weekly and monthly pages. "The calendar became a book of memories for me as well, because it shows my plain self without any make-up," Nagasawa commented with a smile.

Her favorite pages are those of June 7th-8th and July 6th. "The pictures of June show my plain self the best. There I look really different from work. The picture for July 6th was taken during the Tanabata fesitval (star festival). It's a picture that will bring back the most memories when I look at it again in the distant future."

On the other side there are also a couple of embarrassing yet natural shots like the one for October 14th. "I was slightly drunk when it was taken. I think it was after work and we had some drinks. That's how I look like when I'm drunk and have glassy eyes." An unusual sight, but only one of many memorable pictures in this unique calendar, and not just pictures! "There are actually 2 pages that don't contain any photos. There is something hidden on those pages."

found some previews of her calendar, and i really, really hope that someone would scan it because she's beautiful in it!

Mt. Fuji for World Heritage, Nagasawa’s support

Happy Mt. Fuji Day everyone!

Yes, February 23 is considered the Mt. Fuji Day in Japan. It's on that particular date, because of the numbers "2.23" that can be found at the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha shrine in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka.

The NPO aiming for Mt. Fuji to become a World Heritage used the day to hold their "Mt. Fuji Day Forum 2010" in Tokyo today. This organization, led by former prime minister Nakasone Yasuhiro, aims to get the title for Japan's pride by 2012. "As the pride of our nation and with the help of everyone, we anxiously look forward for Mt. Fuji to finally become a World Heritage," he opened the forum.

A couple of celebrities attended the event as well. Actress Nagasawa Masami, born in Shizuoka, was one of them and shared her story about the glorious mountain on stage. "When I had to separate from my parents to attend a junior high school in Tokyo, I always was able to see Mt. Fuji from the school window. It felt like it was supporting me through that time."

In 2007 Mt. Fuji made it on the UNESCO list of candidates and since then both the prefectures Shizuoka and Yamanashi have been preparing to achieve their goal in 2012.

Nagasawa had to cut 30cm of her hair for new movie

Back in January it was announced  that the popular mountain-climbing manga "Gaku: Peak" is going to be turned into a live-action movie. Today they have finally announced that Oguri Shun (27) and Nagasawa Masami (22) are going to star in this movie, 7 years after their last movie together.

The story will be about a mountain rescue team and their intercourses with various other climbers. They filmed the movie in the snowy mountains of the Japanese Alps, ~3000m above the sea. Oguri had to overcome his fear of heights for the movie and Nagasawa had to cut more than 30cm of her hair for the role.

The training has been extra hard for Oguri. He started practicing together with a professional tour guide back in December and together they've climbed very difficult mountains already. In February they actually climbed up to the peak of Ioudake (2760m) with a 15kg back each, despite a severe snow storm with very strong winds and temperatures around -25°C (-13°F). The actually filming will become even more serious, since he will have to rescue other people with various difficult methods. "I will have to put a lot of effort in the filming from now on, but all I can think of right now is to run around mountains anyway," he said.

Nagasawa has recently been in the headlines for her drastic loss of weight, but it seems like she still has energy to climb mountains. "In the mountains you will reach the limit of your strength and you become mentally instable as well. It becomes a battle with yourself," she commented about mountain climbing.

Gaku has a budget of over $11.000.000, great settings (Happouone, Okuhotakadake, Tateyama mountains and more) and a good cast, so there is no reason not to look forward to this movie and its great pictures. The filming started on the 14th and they plan to release this movie some time next year.

found more previews from her latest calendar, Nagasawa Koyomi.

King's Branch 20100410 Nagasawa Masami (1280x720)


Nagasawa Masami’s new Calpis CM


The CM series for the milk drink "Calpis" with actress Nagasawa Masami (22) working as a day-care worker in a kindergarten is going into another round for the spring season. This time the CM is focusing on "My Calpis" that allows you to create your own flavor for the drink.

It's set at a kindergarten and "Masami-sensei" watches over the children as they all try to make their own Calpis with "My Calpis". The children try to get her to taste their Calpis and everyone wants their own creation to be tasted first. The atmosphere really feels like that of an actual kindergarten and Nagasawa shows some kind expressions throughout the CM. There are 2 editions, the 15s version simply shows how the kids try to make Calpis and the 30s edition actually explains the history of Calpis.

"It was a lot of fun to make strawberry milk with all the children that I already worked with for last year's commercial," Nagasawa commented with a smile on her face. She really enjoyed the contact with the children during and between the filming.

"It really would be great if my children had sensei like her," the parents of the children commented on Nagasawa-sensei that you will be able to see on TV starting on April 23. Online you can already watch the commercials and watch as they make some strawberry milk. Of course there are way more flavors you can make yourself. What will be your "My Calpis" of the summer?

De☆View August 2010

CALPIS Wallpaper 1024768 / 12801024 / 1600x1200

It is beautiful.

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

She's practicing for her second career. :smhid

Just about to start watching her latest drama, Gold, will post some pics of it soon. Just rewatched Touch, really a superb movie, even if you're not a Masami fan it's really worth watching, :yep: a teen drama that revolves around baseball but is done in such a classy way, highly recommend it. :twothumbs

Masami screenshots from the first 4 episode's of her last drama, Gold. Watching unsubbed but when she's on the screen hard to notice any words anyhow. :heart:

It's not too bad, Masami is the best part of the show, :yep: Yuki Amami is the lead in it, normally she does well though don't like her character all the much. All the episodes are ready to download but not subbed, :sweatdrop: found one place though that has the first 4 episodes subbed. :)

New pics of Masami promoting Ghana, lookin'  :inlove:

I like her any way, even bald! ;) Know what you mean though, she does look a bit better with longer hair, gotta feeling she likes it shorter though, next time I see her though I'll express your thoughts. XD

For those who liked touch, i recommend the film rough (she is also one of the main characters - plus she appears in swinsuits  :thumbup)
oh, it's based in a story from the same mangaka - Mitsuru Adachi.


^^ Yes, that was a good film, think her movies have overall been better than her dramas. Just viewed this one a few days ago, Robokon, think this may be her most entertaining film, :twothumbs really is worth seeing, can't find a trailer for it though. :(

Yeah, I've seen Proposal Daisakusen, been wanting to rewatch it, will shortly. Actually my fave drama from her is Dragon Zakura, watching again for at least the 7th time right now, plus it has Gakky and Hiroshi Abe, just the cast alone makes it a must watch! :twothumbs

Masami was awesome in the remake of セーラー服と機関銃...

The original drama is famous, its song became a great standard... and Masami sings it pretty well  :

^^ Hopefully they'll finish subbing it, noticed quite often when a show has been done for a few months and the subbing isn't done it doesn't get finished too often. :sweatdrop: Enjoy some sweets in the meantime. :?

It's been confirmed that Nagasawa Masami will perform to the drama of NHK,"Challenge from detective X season3",which wlibbe broadcast in March.
Masami Nagasawa unfolds a witty negotiation with Naoto Takenaka of detective X post performing the female office worker post.
"Challenge from detective X season3" is the drama which synchronizes with the cellular phone novel. Before the drama is broadcast, the viewer reads the cellular phone novel serialized to the program carrying site for six days and votes the person who is thought as a criminal on the program site.

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